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Anal Cum Swappers

author | March 13, 2014

If you like to watch a woman suck the cum fart right out of another girls ass then you don’t need to look any further than the Anal Cum Swappers series. Sure, the dialogue is cheesy just like most porno movie, as you’ll see in this free streaming video the skinny brunette can’t even remember her fucking lines. How hard is it to remember to say “I’ll put some in my mouth” instead of “I’ll swallow it”? Fucking duh!

Other than the terrible acting, this video is pretty fucking hot! One girl is taking it up the ass one second and then the guy pulls it straight of her anal cavity and shoves it straight into her girlfriends mouth for some deep throat action. It’s a nice little clip of back and forth ass to mouth action, meanwhile the skinny brunette loves to gape her friends asshole wide open. You can tell she is just craving for the guy to bust a huge anal creampie in her so she suck the cum fart out. This video gave me a huge boner!

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A good year for anal creampies

author | February 13, 2014

Only the most experienced cumsluts know that jizz stored in a woman’s ass gets better with age. This nasty little whore likes to get cock snot blown into her rectum so she can squirt it out into a wine glass and drink it. How hot is that?


What’s even better is that there are tons of sluts just like this one willing to get their anal cavity pumped full of cum so they can drink it out of their own assholes. You can see ton more of these cum farting, anal creampie drinking bitches at Gooey Holes for only $1.00!

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