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Anal Creampie Milkshakes anyone?

author | February 27, 2014

It’s not every day that you see a girls asshole loaded up with a milkshake and get to watch her fart it out into a cup! This girl gets all of her holes plugged good. Everything from sucking cock to vaginal sex to hardcore anal sex, but once the boys are done loading her rectum full of semen, they decide to get a little creative so they stick a big fat speculum right up her butthole and fill her ass with a creamy mixture of nut butter and milkshakes.


The end result is that she sticks a glass under her and craps out a whole milkshake. She has good fucking aim too! That shit just plops right into the glass, hardly spilling a drop. The milkshake is a nice mixture of ice cream, whipped cream and cum, but the best part is that she lets a nice juicy cum fart rip right at the end (you’ll see it on the video). The dudes start laughing and exclaim “Oh! That was rich!” Yes! Indeed it was!

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